Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Defense Against Burglar: Shooting Caught On Hidden Camera

This burglar's career was most likely permanently ended buy the five shots from his intended victim as the burglar walked into the home. He was shot after he closed the home's front door after entering.   This videotape was made by the homeowner's security camera. Its ironic that this burglar was shot while standing under a "lucky horseshoe" hanging on the wall above the door. Is it real? You decide.

El Paso Texas Wanted
NAME:Kenny  Avila
DOB:11/8/1988 - 
22 yoaHEIGHT:5'5"
Aggravated Assault 
w/Deadly Weapon

Michigan Wanted
These individuals are some of Michigan's 
Most Wanted Fugitives. If you have information 
concerning the whereabouts of these individuals, 
please contact the Michigan State Police at 
1-866-638-4847 or the nearest 
law enforcement agency.

Michigan's Most Wanted - Jeremy Michael HeathJeremy Michael Heath 
Wanted For: Homicide

Michigan's Most Wanted - Brandon McClain BakerBrandon McClain Baker 
Wanted For: Operating a Drug Lab and Conspiracy to Deliver a Controlled Substance

Michigan's Most Wanted - Maurice Herman MackMaurice Herman Mack 
Wanted For: Homicide

Michigan's Most Wanted - Shane Armond DillsShane Armond Dills 
Wanted For: Manufacturing Marijuana

Michigan's Most Wanted - Aulton Daniel GobenAulton Daniel Goben 
Wanted For: Kidnapping and Armed Robbery

Michigan's Most Wanted - Julian Edward StevensonJulian Edward Stevenson 
Wanted For: Homicide

Michigan's Most Wanted - Russell Hugh PulliamRussell Hugh Pulliam 
Wanted For: Prison Escape

Michigan's Most Wanted - John Kelly Gentry Jr.John Kelly Gentry Jr. 
Wanted For: Wanted for Two Counts of Homicide

Michigan's Most Wanted - Leigh Ann HartLeigh Ann Hart 
Wanted For: Fraud and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution

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