Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Law And Order"s Vincent D'Onofrio Makes Anti High Capacity Gun Magazine Video

Law and Order's Vincent D'Onofrio has made an anti high capacity magazine video for the New York City Crime Commission.  Creating a sense of urgency, the video shows what are apparently empty used machine gun cartridges and broken metal machine gun belt links lying on the ground. Linked ammunition isn't found in rifle or handgun magazines. Can you recall police coming up against a machine gun fed by a linked belt either? See the video...
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 Maybe he can make an anti-exterminator video                            



Anonymous said...

The high capacity magazine ban being proposed in Connecticut is a knee-jerk reaction to some of the recent and unfortunate shootings that have taken place across the country. The insidious nature of it resides in the ideolgy of the far left, which is far from any resemblence to patriotism for our flag and country. The backbone of the entire bill of rights rests upon the validity and adherence to the 2nd amendment. We must not let it fall in the wake of the progressive socialist agenda nipping at our heals. Bit by bit they are trying to suppress our God-given freedoms.
To anyone who would have the impression that a high capaciity magazine ban would end in lower loss of life, i say bunk. Any sick nut case can spray the same amount of bullets from two ten-round mags as opposed to one twenty round mag. Reloading doesn't take long.
The reality and truth of the entire matter is not about gun safety at all. It is about the destruction of our freedoms, great nation and the march to global tyranny being propogated by socialistic/marxist zealots.

Michael said...

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