Saturday, March 12, 2011

Open Live Mike Gaffe- Iowa Republican Calls Republican Gun Bill "The Give A Schizophrenic A Gun Bill"

A comment that an Iowa Legislator called a bad joke was caught on a live microphone in the Iowa House of Representatives. Speaker Pro Tem Republican Jeff Kaufman was videotaped and recorded on a live mike off the record during a lull in a debate Friday on a Bill that would allow those in Iowa  to carry guns in public without  background checks. He called the bill “The give a handgun to a schizophrenic bill.” This is a “hot potato” issue in the state.

He and another legislator had been joking around about caucus business and the conversation turned to what is sometimes called the “Alaska Bill.” One of the House members asked what the “Alaska Bill” was and that was when he made his sarcastic joke about the Bill’s name. His joke refers to what apparently Democrats have been calling the bill. Democrats are trying to make political points by calling Kaufman's frivolous comment his true feelings about the "dangerousness" of the bill.

The Speaker Pro Tem later explained that he takes mental health issues seriously. He also said that a relative several generations back died in a mental institution from complications from a mental disorder. He also was a member of a county mental health task force previously.

Although this gaff does not come close to Ronald Reagan saying, "My fellow Americans. I'm pleased to announce that I've signed legislation outlawing the Soviet Union. We begin bombing in five minutes," it was probably as personally embarrassing.
Here’s the open mike video…
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Murderer Who Killed Child  And Ate  His Flesh May Be Released From Prison.

Michael Woodmansee
Child Murderer and 
alleged Cannibal

The father of a five year old child killed over 28 years ago by a 16 year old neighbor says he will kill the man as aggressively and painfully as he killed his son if the killer is released from prison. The Rhode Island Dad says he spends every waking moment to thinking about doing this. The maniac was sentenced to 40 years in a plea deal that avoided trial and the gruesome details of the murder being released at the trial for the parents to hear.

But, the killer, Michael Woodmansee, may be released after just doing 28 years of the 40 year sentence because of time deducted from the sentence for “good behavior” while incarcerated. He gets ten days extra credit for every 30 days served. He is entitled to more time of because he “worked” in prison.  Dad is furious. The son’s bones were found in a box in the 16 year olds’ dresser. They had been polished and were covered with a coat of shellac. A diary of the crime's gruesome details was written by the maniac. 

The teen lived next door to the child and his parents. He disappeared 30 feet from home. This man should not be released, and he may not be because he has been moved to a temporary location for a psychiatrist to determine if he is a danger to himself or others. Huh?

 Could someone such as this be rehabilitated to the point that he is not dangerous? We are appalled that early release is being considered. His father does not care about the consequences, but will not be prosecuted for the threat unless he acts on it by stalking the murderer or actually killing or hurting him. The investigating detective says he still has nightmares about what he found in the dresser.

Yes, we feel for the Father. This makes blood boil. Maybe if Dad does kill the maniac, all those around him could claim that they did it too. Many could claim that they did just like in the actual case of an anonymous killing of the town bully in Skidmore, Missouri July 10th, 1981. Ken Rex McElroy was accused of dozens of felonies, including pedophilia, rape, arson, cattle rustling, and burglary. He even shot the town grocer. 

No one missed the man, and no one was prosecuted because literally everyone in the town said they did it.  They all had reason to. Dad really deserves to be able to do to the man what he did to the child. But, there is a law against cruel and unusual punishment. Think about what he did to the five year old. Would you want this guy to be your next door neighbor or living even in the same town? Would you want him walking around your neighborhood with an electronic GPS tether on his leg? The only tether this murderous vermin needs is one tied on at about neck level.

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