Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conservative MP Jim Hillyer Celebrates Vote Against Canada's Gun Registry, And Has To Apologize

Canadian legislator Jim Hillyer experienced political correctness run amok after he was forced to apologize for making a handgun gesture after his vote to abolish the repressive Canadian Long Gun Registry. 
Liberal members of parliament claim they were deluged with complaints over Hillyer's gesture. They claim his gesture offended victims of violence. 

This video was edited to emphasize the gesture, and was released on the anniversary of the Montreal massacre, when a lunatic gunman roamed the corridors of Montreal's Ă‰cole Polytechnique and killed 14 women. Hillyer questioned the timing of the release of the video on Youtube. 

He had to apologize to Parliament and said, "If I had intended to cause any offence to victims of violence or anyone else, that would not only demand an apology it would demand far worse than just an apology." He also said, "The people who caused the association, the offence, are the people who connected the video at the wrong day. That is terrible." He also told Parliament, "I will not make gestures any more," he said. "I, uh, I have nothing but sympathy for victims of violence and I continue to remain committed to ending violence toward women and all Canadians."

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