Monday, February 13, 2012

First, Obama Attacks the Catholics, Now Its The Amish's Turn

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Amish live a different lifestyle. Its a simple and plain lifestyle that's at least 250 years old. Nothing much has changed during two and a half centuries in their lifestyle. That is, except for government intrusion. The Amish will not drive cars themselves, use commercial utility electricity, water, phones, or municipal sewers on their property. They do not pay into social security or medicare. Nor, do they receive it. Their elderly are treated well with the dignity they deserve, and generally live out their lives with their grown children and relatives once they retire and can no longer take care of themselves. They are generally farmers and eat what they grow and sell the remainder. Some run sawmills or do small engine repair, or other mechanical work.

The government has tried to intrude on several of their lifestyle choices, with varying degrees of success. The latest government intrusion is a Federal Judge acting on a Federal Food and Drug Administration complaint who has told an Amish family that he will shut their farm down if they sell any more of their milk across state lines. Apparently treating this farmer like the one in a 1942 Supreme Court case, where they forbade a farmer from selling a few bushels of extra wheat across interstate lines because it "competed" with wheat on the open market. That meant wheat in grain elevators, boxcars, and semi trailers. This was a big government intrusion into individual and states' rights.

Going after the farmer with a fake government undercover purchaser in a sting, they said that his milk was unsafe. That's even though Amish have consumed fresh milk as long as there has been an Amish church.
The Feds arranged for milk to be delivered to residences in an adjoining state. And, then they were busted.

The farmer is afraid of the power of the FDA and the Judge who told them that he would shut down their generations old family farm if they crossed the state line with their milk again. The Judge also told the family that they would have to pay government investigation and prosecution costs if they sell milk like they used to ever again.

After all, since Obama says everybody must play by the same rules, next on the government's list for the Amish will be these musts. The Amish will have to:

Perform and encourage gay marriage
Connect to electric and phone land lines
Get cell phones
Equip homes with TV and radio
Have running water supplied by an applicable local utility
Build inside toilets at home
Men must shave
Have no wood stoves because they contribute to global warming
Own and drive cars...environmentally friendly only
Get rid of their buggies because of roadapples
Have government Identification with photograph on them
Contribute to social security and medicare
Have zippers on their clothes
Wear bright colors
Wear wedding rings if married
Attend public schools a full 12 years
Use barbers and not cut each other's hair
Have Churches in appropriately zoned areas
Register with Selective Service
Only speak English


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