Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Training Seminar For Radical Extremists Coming In June

A Liberal organization that you may have never heard of before,, is preparing to have their seventh annual training session for radicals in Providence, Rhode Island, June 7th through 10th.  500 people have already put their money down to reserve a seat. Their goal is to amplify progressive voices on the internet by providing online and in person training to teach radicals, from environmental extremists  to Occupy Wall Street, how to influence the public with their plans for us. Maybe they can also have a seminar on personal hygiene at OWS events. 

One of their goals apparently is to provide a job for the unemployed, at least as far as Keith Olberman is concerned. He has been hired to be one of their keynote speakers. 

This 5 day training sessions are meant to be a training ground designed to mold the next generation of radicals. They plan to have 30 “hands on” training sessions” and 70 other panels for discussions of subjects from promoting gun control in, “Gun Politics 2.0: Bringing Life to a Deadly Issue,” to how to write effective socialist propaganda in a session called , “Words that worked…Crafting effective and “truthful” memes,” to “Tweeting the revolution…Twitter training for campaigning.” 
There’s also the ever popular seminar, “Building the movement to ban fracking and regulate climate,” the “War on voting,” and “That will never work…What progressives learned from OWS.” 
They claim that thousands of “activists” and newsmakers, and the “brightest progressive minds will be there. Barack Obama once attended when he was a senator. Hillary, Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and Bill Clinton have dropped in. And, the organization is especially proud of a “surprise” visit by Al Gore.

Registration fees are from $95.00 for youth, to $295.00 for the off the street radical, to $450.00 for organization members. Of course, there’s an $800.00 “benefactor” rate that they call their unsubsidized rate. 

See all of the seminar program topics and more info on this group at

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