Saturday, January 26, 2013

Assault Weapons Ban Bill Of 2013 Debuts

The Bill is subtitled, "To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to
keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes."

One quirk of the bill includes the ban of rocket launchers on firearms.

It also bans shotguns with revolving cylinders. Would the Taurus "Judge" line of handguns that can fire .410 shotgun ammunition in addition to .45 long be included on the ban list?

And, what about the "Circuit Judge" long gun with its revolving cylinder?

Here is the full Text of the Assault Weapons Ban Bill of 2013.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Anti Gun Rights Bills Move Along

Text of new Bills with new firearms regulations have been published. However, what may be the worst, the full text of Feinstein’s Senate “Assault weapons” Bill has not been released yet.

From Rep. Jim Moran (HR 21), what he ironically calls  “The NRA Members Gun Safety Act” which proffers “Commonsense, popular, publicly polled, non-controversial gun safety measures that a majority of NRA members support, yet are opposed by the leadership at the NRA.”
Hidden in various requirements such as ‘Prohibiting individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms,” is an onerous requirement for all states to require applicants for a permit demonstrate “Good cause” for requesting a Concealed firearms permit.

From Rep. Bobby Rush, (HR 34) wants to implement the same type of system that is in place for licensing drivers and registering cars by their VIN number. This Bill would establish “GINs” as a uniform system to track guns.

He would also make it illegal for anyone other than certain dealers to possess a “qualifying” firearm without a Federal license for it and a written firearms examination testing the applicant’s knowledge and ability.  

From Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee, (HR 65) among other requirements raises the age of handgun eligibility to 21 and requires that any child attending a gun show to be accompanied by an adult. It also “expresses the sense of Congress that each school district should provide or participate in a firearms safety program for students.” It’s doubtful that she refers to the NRA Eddie Eagle Program.  

From Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, (HR 137) is to ensure that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the National Instant Criminal Background Check system and require a background check for every firearm sale.

From Carolyn McCarthy, (HR 138), is a prohibition on the transfer and possession of large capacity magazines and other feeding devices.

Rep. Diana DeGette is a co sponsor of the above “High Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act.”

From Carolyn McCarthy, (HR 142) would require face to face purchases of ammunition, require sellers of ammunition to be federally licensed, and to require reporting of bulk purchases of ammunition.

From Carolyn McCarthy, (HR 141) which would require background checks on all gun show firearms transactions.

Ed Perlmutter has committed himself to Coordinate with Nancy Pelosi to introduce her Bill in the House. He has also been appointed as one of the 12 vice chairs to serve in the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

One Bill from Rep. Steve Stockton, (HR 35) highlights the failure of “Gun Free” zones in schools and is worth a read.

1) that the Supreme Court has found language nearly identical to the `Gun Free School Zones Act' to be unconstitutional;
(2) that the enactment of the `Gun Free School Zones Act' has been met with an almost uninterrupted series of horrific and tragic shootings at Columbine, Newtown and in other American schools;
(3) that the `Gun Free School Zones Act' has been a deadly failure. According to research by, in the 22 years prior to enactment of the `Gun Free School Zones Act' there were two school shootings in which four or more people were intentionally murdered in a short period of time, and in the 22 years after the enactment of the `Gun Free School Zones Act' there have been 10 such school shootings;
(4) that American schools had not been plagued with this succession of horrific shootings prior to the enactment of the `Gun Free School Zones Act';
(5) that horrific massacres on school campuses in Pearl, Mississippi, and southwestern Virginia, were averted by armed staff and students;
(6) that none of the murderers in any of these horrific school shootings were deterred by the fact that, in addition to murder, gun possession was also illegal in those locations; and
(7) that the reason that the `Gun Free School Zones Act' has made American schools unsafe is that shooters now know that they can victimize American school campuses with no fear that victims will be armed.
(b) Purpose- It is the purpose of this Act to restore safety to America's schools by allowing staff, teachers, and administrators to defend the children and themselves.

 Rep. Thomas Massie (HR 133) has also proposed repealing the failed school ‘Gun Free” zones Act.

HR 117 was brought to our attention by a reader. 
Its is sponsored by Reps. Holt and Rush


    (a) In General- Chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

`Sec. 932. Licensing and registration of handguns

    `(a)(1) The Attorney General of the United States shall establish a Federal system for the licensing and registration of all handguns owned, possessed, or controlled in the United States, which shall include a method for easily retrieving information sufficient to identify--
      `(A) each resident of a State to which this subsection applies who owns, possesses, or controls a handgun; and
      `(B) the handgun.
    `(2) It shall be unlawful for a person to own, possess, or control a handgun in a State to which this subsection applies unless the person--
      `(A) is licensed to do so by the system established pursuant to paragraph (1); and
      `(B) has registered the handgun with a Federal, State, or local law enforcement agency.