Thursday, February 19, 2009

San Diego ends JROTC Air Rifle Program

First they end dodge ball. The San Diego School District took a bow to political correctness when it ended the Junior ROTC air rifle program that had been in existence for decades.
Students, teachers, and parents were outraged when they discovered that the program existed, and mobilized to end the program. The irony is that they weren't
even aware that the program even existed...for years. The regular programs of the JROTC are not affected...yet, that is.

Apparently, this low profile group of air rifle shooting students did no drive by shootings as a result of the air rifle training. But of course, we know that closing the program down has gone a long way to help curb gun violence in the San Diego area.

San Francisco voted to completely end the 60 year old JROTC program, but extended its life to early in 2009.

The Department of Defense has said that nationally, Junior ROTC member have a 12% greater graduation rate higher than non JROTC members, have higher grades, and fewer disciplinary problems. Ending the air rifle program apparently will help lead to an eventual dumbing down of students.

JROTC clubs frequently travel to meets, and can earn scholarships. But not in San Diego anymore.

Many of us can remember bringing guns onto school grounds and into the halls of the schools for legitimate purposes, such as working on them in vocational education shops. Guns were kept in the cars for hunting use at the end of the school day. Not an eyebrow was raised in the early 1960's.

Gun safety, and discipline in gun use, of course, was part of the air rifle curriculum. Apparently, the District believes that teaching young people gun safety is not important anymore.

A Colorado High school drill team member was suspended for having ceremonial rifles in her car on the school parking lot. They were chrome plated, and welded inoperable no less for use in drill team routines at school events in her car on the school parking lot. School administration was furious.

This type is just one type of political correctness that's the standard in today's public education school environment.

Public school kids can't even hit back when assaulted by classmates. I'm not suggesting using guns to end kid's fist fights by any means. But in today's schools, both the attacker and the victim who fights back are suspended.
Appropriate, measured response for any physical attack is appropriate whether in a public school or on the street. That's what I taught my kids, that's what my father taught me and that's what I expect my kids to teach the grandkids.
Getting along with everyone is an ideal of public school educators.

This "getting along syndrome" in public school is drilled into our school kids by liberal anti gun faculty and administrators from kindergarten through high school graduation. It is a reason why students willingly lined up against the wall to be sheepishly executed by the Virginia Tech killer.
This "getting along syndrome" is another symptom of the failure of today's public education.

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