Friday, March 30, 2012

John Kerry Complains That Obama Is Being "Swiftboated"

Another request for donations arrived in the inbox today. The messages supposedly are from any of a number of Obama people such as Michelle, Joe Biden, or the campaign manager. 

John Kerry is the “author” of the latest solicitation complaining that Bob Perry, who contributed to the organization, "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," that helped expose the more than lackluster Viet Nam "Service" of John Kerry just donated $3 Million to the Republicans.

He critically says, "One man. Three million dollars.  And that's just the start." But, a million from Bill Maher is no problem.

Could this be because Obama's fundraising is way down? The DNC raised 45 million in February, and it isn't known how it will be split among all candidates. Obama himself raised about 34 million dollars in February compared to 55 million in 2008. His super PAC Priorities USA Action spent $684,489 against Mitt Romney, but only took in $59,000 in January. Half as many big donors are writing him checks than at this point in 2008.

He is making an assertive effort to get $2 and $3 donations. Emails requesting that amount come one or two times a day. And, he has just unleashed a massive text message contribution solicitation where the text message says, ““Support Pres Obama in less than a minute using our new secure system. Just reply with the amount you want to give and we’ll charge your saved credit card.”

Some, like Bruce Springsteen are complaining that Obama has acted too slowly in job creation, and that he hasn't stopped foreclosures "somehow." He also says that he is "too friendly" to corporations. Obama held a $38,000 a plate fundraiser for Wall Street on March first.

Other big Democrat pocketbooks are dropping out. Some wealthy liberals and Wall Street executives have done that. That is the case of Susie Thompkins Buell, who has given some $25 Million to Democratic political causes in the last 10 years and raised another 10 million for candidates has closed her purse to Obama. She complained that Obama does not understand the "urgency" of climate change. 

Billionaire, Peter Lewis, founder Progressive insurance and of the Democracy Alliance that includes George Soros committed $25 Million to oust George Bush in 2004, probably won't be contributing to Super PACs for Obama this time around. George Soros contributed 50 Million against Bush in 2004. Imagine that, all from just one man. What astronomical sum will he be contributing this year? 

And, the Obama campaign is complaining about a 3 million dollar donation to the Republicans from Bob Perry. Yes, yet another example of how the rules are certainly different for Democrats.

Here’s Kerry’s “Message.”

“Friend --

When I was the Democratic nominee for president in one of the closest and toughest elections in history, a group of billionaires did something unprecedented:

They wrote million-dollar checks to fund lies about my service on what were called "Swift Boats" in Vietnam -- and in so doing, they turned the boats my crewmates and I served on into a new political shorthand for the most vicious smears imaginable: "swiftboating."

I wish like hell that the term was retired from the American political lexicon, and returned to its real meaning.

But guess what: Bob Perry, the deep-pocketed funder of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," just gave $3 million to Mitt Romney's Super PAC.

One man. Three million dollars. And that's just the start.

I know all too clearly that these guys will do or say anything to win. They'll stop at nothing. But forewarned is forearmed. Their multi-million dollar smear tactics were new in 2004; in 2012 we know their playbook, and shame on us if we don't tear it into shreds. Join me and we will stop the "swiftboating" of President Obama.

Fight back by donating $3 or more today at this critical deadline moment.

It takes someone with no shame and a lot of money to get the public to believe a total lie.

Unfortunately that's what we're up against.

Let's be ready for it -- let's fight back.

Please donate $3 today:



Senator John Kerry

And, here's the second plea for $3.00 today around noon.  This time from "Michelle" offering a chance to have dinner with Obama for just a $3.00 contribution. 

"There's one thing I forgot to mention:

If you chip in to support the campaign before the big deadline tomorrow, you'll also be automatically entered to have dinner with my husband.

I had the chance to go to one of these "Dinners with Barack" just a few weeks back -- and trust me, you don't want to miss out on it.

Make a donation of $3 or whatever you can here:

Thank you,



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