Friday, March 20, 2009

Gun Rights Groups Are All That Stand Between You and Obama's Gun Crusher

I have been an NRA member for many years. I have also contributed to the Second Amendment Foundation. All of us NRA mambers have noticed a change in marketing for fund raising at the NRA. They need money. All gun rights groups need money. Gun rights groups are effective. Just ask Al Gore.

Today, I received an email headlined "NRA & Lifelock - It's time to protect yourself!" It was a pitch for Identity theft security. NRA has gotten creative in its fund raising efforts. I'm sure that the NRA gets a small amount of cash for every sign up Lifelock gets through their NRA web site. So be it.

I am sure that most gun owners have received numerous mailings for NRA endorsed life insurance, accident insurance, and yes, even wine. I can understand why this fund raising effort is needed. We are fighting a well funded and politically connected anti-gun juggernaut.

The Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA, GOA, and others on the national, state, and local levels are fighting for our gun rights. These are your rights and my rights. The NRA and the others may not be perfect in all their efforts. Nothing in life is perfect. They certainly have their detractors. But, gun rights groups are generally very effective in protecting the 2nd amendment. They lobby our representatives on our behalf. These groups file lawsuits to keep us free. And, the lawsuits work. Am I right, San Francisco? Correct, Oklahoma workers who can now carry to the jobsite? Even the threat of lawsuit works. Right, Morton Grove?

Even Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is willing to bite the bullet, metaphorically speaking, to accept losing his abusive local control over firearms in order to get DC a Congressional voting representative. He wants to keep his loss temporary, though.

Fenty told Washington newspapers recently that DC will probably have to fight the NRA every year over the gun issue. He also believes that if DC loses this chance for a voting Representative, the chance to get it again won't come around again for many years. He realizes the strength of a united fight against him and other anti gun fanatics. His fight is not over, because his anti gun agenda is still a top priority for him. Right now, a pro gun rights trade off may be in his plans for DC. We can't retreat from a possible win in DC.

The issue in this article is not about a voting representative for DC. That's a separate issue entirely, and it will be handled in its own appropriate way. Its about the 2nd Amendment.

Become a Second Amendment Foundation supporter, and NRA or GOA member. Stand united both vocally and financially with them against those who will strip you of your firearms rights. If we don't, who will?

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