Friday, March 27, 2009

Its All In How You Say It

Barack Obama is doing his best to further politically correct speech so we can all get along better. Its not nice to offend anyone by the way we Americans say something. Here are some examples of politically correct speech terms used by the Obama Administration,
and a few more suggestions.

1. No to "Enemy Combatants." Yes to "Detainees."
2. No to "War On Terror." Yes to "Overseas Contingency Operation."
3. No to "Socialism." Yes to "Wealth Redistribution Program"
4. No to "Budget Deficits." Yes to "Investments In Our Future."
5. No to "Higher Taxes." Yes to "The Patriotic Thing To Do."
6. No to "Global Warming." Yes To "Global Climate Change."
7. No to "Terrorism." Yes to "Man Caused Disaster."

Lets add a few to help the the President.
8. No to "Gun Control." Yes To "Gun Redistribution."
(Which could lead to rapid Ammo Redistribution.)
9. No to "A secure Border." Yes to " An Opportunity Corridor."
10. No to "Axis of Evil." Yes to " Our Overseas Friends."
11. No to "Self Sufficiency." Yes to "Nanny State."

These changes will make us all feel better about ourselves and are sure to boost everyone's self esteem. These changes are designed to make us know that everything is well with the Obama Administration. Everyone knows, of course, that government programs aren't socialistic if we call them something else.

Of course, simply by not not using the terms "War on Terror, Enemy Combatants, and Terrorism," the President is assuring us that since he is President, we have nothing further to fear from anyone who used to hate us and want to kill us because we are what we are.

If the country is attacked during Barack Obama's watch, these words will come back to haunt him as surely as George H.W. Bushs' "Read my Lips" did.

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