Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mexico Must Stop Its Own Gun Problems

There's no denying that guns and drug money are going into Mexico through border city crossings. There is absolutely no infrastructure or enforcement as to Mexico stopping what goes into their country from the United States side going south. Or for that matter, from their southern border, where machine guns and RPGs come into the country, and not the United States.

There are no Mexican police checking any vehicles going into Mexico whatsoever anywhere. That still was the case on the Mexican side at the crossing between San Diego and San Ysidro into Mexico this week. No checks of anything going into Mexico at all. No checks for drug money, guns, kidnapping name it.

300 Pounds of high explosives were stolen from a private company in Mexico this week. It looks like roadside bombings are in Mexico's future too. Will American gun owners be the fall guys to be blamed for this too?

And, the Bradys Eric Holder, and Barack Obama believe that this is our problem. The Brady's much beloved new "assault weapons" ban that they want will not stop Mexico from getting guns and drug money. We are not the only source for guns. There is a free flow from their southern border too. Mexico must stop this. It is their internal problem, and not ours.

Currently, spot checks have been instituted by US Border agents on our side of the border at ports of entry going into Mexico. Just a few spot checks have intercepted and seized literally millions of drug dollars which will be forfeited to the US Treasury. If nothing else, seizing drug money going into Mexico is a creative way to help the balance of trade deficit.

The checks must be spot checks only and just last 15 minutes or so. This is because people who work for cartels watch the border crossings from places like nearby overpasses for anything unusual. When spot checks start, they can be seen immediately making cell phone calls to their Mexico bound smuggler buddies warning them not to stay on the highway.

Several thousand Mexican Soldiers have been sent to Tijuana this week. Murders, currently at 10 a day have nearly stopped since their arrival. Any Mexican law enforcement, which includes Mexican soldiers there, should search every vehicle entering their country. Contrary to what Obama and the Bradys say, the flow of guns and drug money going into Mexico is Mexico's problem to stop, and not ours.

If the Mexicans won't help themselves by searching vehicles going into Mexico for guns and cash for the cartels, then they will continue to get what the are asking for by ignoring their own security. If they can't even make a serious attempt to stop the guns and drug money as a first step against the cartels and their home grown gun violence, we gun owning Americans will continually have to deflect the pointed finger of blame pointed at us.

Unfortunately, many gun owners actually believe that a gun ban won't affect their shotguns and deer rifles. Show them the pages long list of Carolyn McCarthy's gun ban bill that she introduced two years ago, and still can be revived. Their innocuous shotgun or deer rifle is probably on the McCarthy hit list, along with other innocuous guns such as tubular magazine fed 22 rifles.

Obama said in his last press conference that "something" had to be done to stop drug money and guns from going into Mexico. The question now is, "What is that something?"


Anonymous said...

Fire all current office holders in D. C. except the few Holy Bible believing,U. S. Constitution enforcing, United Nations dispising, Freedom loving, self controling, believers in good morals and elect others of the like. Otherwise, the current misfits from the oval office to the congress to the scotus will bring this nation to the same end as Rome! Print this Googleman! If you dare!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fire 'em all!! It is just too much trouble to sort the wheat from the chaft. Create term limits that will prevent about 90% of the same problems accurring again. The clowns in Washington do not have a CLUE! As an insult to us everyday, piss-ant, peasant, servants "citizens", they think we are so dumb that we don't know what their angenda is. Unfortunately, there are so many mindless, "just do as I'm told", question nothing, idiots out there-the situation will never change. Someday even those mindless morons mentioned above will get their bellyfull and standup to the government they created and America will once again return to her roots.