Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Fires His Current Teleprompters

It was apparent that Barack Obama had a new teleprompter at last night's press conference. His head was not bobbing back and forth from left to right. His looking straight ahead in a deer in the headlights fixed glazed eyed stare into space as he read the speech was a giveaway. This was early evidence that he fired his trusty teleprompters who stood faithfully by his side and worked so well for him from the beginning of the campaign until now. His unblinking stare would have gotten any other citizen who did this while driving his car a police test for impaired driving. This firing of his two trusted aides should be an ominous warning for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

Barack's new teleprompter did let him down just like a failed would be Commerce Secretary appointee when it caused him to stumble during the speech reading. After the word flub, the TV audience could see several reporters look over their right shoulders to see the offending teleprompter standing quietly in the center of the room behind their backs.

The spiffy new teleprompter looked like a 52 inch wide screen model that was probably a Taiwanese, Mexican or Malaysian national. The new teleprompter was hired soon enough before e-verify can be implemented to escape close immigration scrutiny. Thus, Obama avoided illegal foreign employee problems faced by Zoe Baird.

The jig was up at the end of the speech when Fox news panned to the back of the room after Obama left and all remaining viewers could see the big new teleprompter with words still on it. Barack Obama was probably pleased with the success of the new teleprompter. It makes one wonder if his regular staff members were behind the scenes busily surreptitiously entering answers to reporter's questions for Obama to read.

The newly hired teleprompter was far enough away that it looked like Obama squinted his eyes to see it at least once. Maybe Great Britain's Gordon Brown will bring Obama a set of Opera glasses to use when reading from the teleprompter. It would be a good British state gift for Obama when he returns for another visit in return for the wrong formatted DVDs Obama gave him.

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