Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Staten Island Police Seize 80 Guns From a 54year Old Man

A small army of undercover and plainclothes police swooped into the Staten Island, NY home of a 54 year old man this week and confiscated 80 guns.
They also found two 50 cal. ammo cans that they called a significant stash of ammo.
Among the guns that were confiscated were bolt action rifles, including a .22, and a pump shotgun. By midday they had brought out five plastic crates of long guns and ammo. The gun owner was arrested on weapons charges. Police labeled the guns an "arsenal."

This home invasion by police defies Heller, in which the US Supreme Court affirmed the preexisting right to keep firearms in one's home for protection. The court decision didn't limit the amount of guns that one could keep in the home. Under our constitution, there is no limit to the amount of guns a person can own. Yet.

Cities such as New York, Washington DC, and Chicago still defy the law, the court rulings, and stifle firearm ownership rights at every turn.
This small army of police breaking into a private residence searching for guns sends a cold chill, and should be a warning to gun owners everywhere. This, while Bernie Maddoff luxuriates in his new York penthouse, rolling in his stolen billions.


Anonymous said...

I took the time to Google this incident up, amazing how the press handles it. Also take note of the wishy washy neighbors and the hints of a killing (which never occurred or was even part of the investigation), a totally fictional event.,0,7743796.story

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