Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ten Common Sense Reasons For Gun Control

1. If a student has a concealed permit and a concealed handgun in a classroom where someone intent on killing comes in and starts shooting, someone could get hurt by the student's gun.

2. Shooting firearms contributes to global warming.

3. God forbid that someone could be injured while breaking into your home.

4. Requiring the use of child safety locks for all guns will force gang members to use them when driving around town with guns.

5. The foreheads of all gun owners should be micro stamped for easy identification.

6. If all handguns were fired in one direction at once, the earth's orbit will shift.

7. If too many birds are killed by hunters, all we will have left to eat are clay pigeons.

8. When all private gun ownership is outlawed, everyone, everywhere, will be safe because only the police will have guns.

9. Nerf guns, toy guns, BB guns, deer hunting, and dodge ball lead children into a life of crime.

10. We know how to raise your kids, run your life, pay your bills, and protect you and your family better than you do.


Anonymous said...

You my friend are an absolute idiot. Do you not understand that the "bad guys" do not care about trigger locks. Do you really think they will use them? Do you live in Alice in Wonderland? The Bad Guys shot people now at random. I thought that was against the law. Hmmm, I did everything in item #9 and I am a law abiding citizen. Blows that theory Einstein!!

Miles said...

Good lord 'Anon'. Cannot you recognise satire?

Anonymous said...

Some people took "Gulliver's Travels" seriously too. This is not satire. It goes way beyond that. This is outright ridicule and scorn for the ignorant and fact free arguments of the anti gun mentality.