Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Law Of Unintended Consequences And Gun Control

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have done much to change the landscape of gun owning America and gun owner's attitudes in America. Bill Clinton's "assault weapons" ban in 1994 was a shock to American gun owners...and those who didn't yet own guns then too. Barack Obama's threats to re-institute the ban have had the same results as Bill Clinton's ban. But, when you think about it, both Bill's and Obama's plans have had two unintended consequences.

But, what are two unintended consequences of contemplated gun control to current and would be new gun owners? First: Investing in guns, magazines, and ammunition is only second to owning gold. Gun prices are not coming down or fluctuating up and down. Putting your money in guns and ammo isn't like "investing" in a shrinking stock market or 401(k). However, you have to currently own or have the cash to buy to benefit.

Think about it. Could you even afford to buy today what you bought before today's prices? Would you sell what you have now for what you paid for it in 1993, or even September, 2008 before Obama? Not long ago, would you have even considered the shortages that gun, magazine and ammo buyers face today?

These big gun sales are frightening anti gun groups. One high official in the Brady organization recently said that he wondered what sacrifices to the family were made because of family gun purchases made during the "insane" increases in gun sales. The Bradys all need get a grip on reality, get real jobs, and stop their bottom feeding frenzy. The purchases are part of both financial and personal protection for the family. They are better than money in the bank. Could it be that the Bradys are part of the actual creation of this Brady described "insanity?" Originally, the Bradys "worried" about guns. Now they want to be family financial and mental health counselors. They believe gun owners are insane. The Bradys actually say it for the first time now.

Second: People who wouldn't have even thought about normally buying an AK or AR or SKS or any other battle rifle ever in their lifetime have done so because they realize this may be their last chance. Its also because they are being told they shouldn't, and possibly, soon can't. But we Americans are a stubborn, resilient, and sometimes defiant group, aren't we? Its now or never. Gun sales are up 50% over last year. Probably an even bigger increase took place in ammunition sales and magazine sales, if availability, or lack of it is any indicator.

These recently purchased guns, magazines, and ammo boxes would still be sitting on store shelves and not in the hands of the American people now if it weren't for motivation from the likes of Barack, Bill, Diane, Nancy, Chuck Schumer, the Bradys, and Eric Holder. These things aren't being bought on a whim. People didn't buy these things just to redistribute them to Barack Obama, the Attorney General, or anyone else either.

You've heard it before, but its worth saying again. The overall total crime rate dropped just 1% when the Clinton ban was in place. Crimes committed with "assault weapons" were a tiny percentage of the total crime committed.

Gun bans don't work in any manner, shape, or form anywhere, whether they are for a type or class of gun or a class of people. Just remember the recent killings of 4 Oakland cops by a parole absconder in California where the parolee was also already forbidden by law to own a gun. What was another law for him or other criminals to disobey? And, the type of gun doesn't matter when one class of gun is banned. The killer in the Carolina nursing home shootings had a double barrel shotgun according to a recorded 911 caller. "There's a man with a double barrel shotgun in here shooting." You have to want to break the law to be a criminal. It takes some effort.

Actual or prospective gun bans are effective, but not in the ways intended. They are only effective in increasing the sales of guns, ammo, magazines, and accessories that they generate, and motivating people to buy and stockpile. They are now effective too in mobilizing gun owners to protect their Second Amendment Freedom.

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