Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where's Barack's Hula Skirt & Ukulele?

Democrats happily proclaimed on Obama's election that they now had a President who was on a speaking par with Ronald Reagan. That's not true.

Obama's Bobble Head Syndrome and Teleprompters.
With his head bouncing left and right repetitively toward the left and right teleprompters every 3 to 7 seconds, he looks like a 99 cent plastic dashboard bobble head figure made in China. Watch any of his speeches and it looks like he's a spectator at a tennis match.
Left and right, left and right, left and right.....All he needs to complete this bobble head mental image is a hula skirt and a ukulele. However, as a positive for him, this could enhance his claim that he really is a native born Hawaiian as an unintended consequence of his bizarre speaking style. Just close your eyes and you can see this.

This simple act of looking forward into the audience and into the cameras, which are always directly in front of him, would make it appear that he is actually connected to his viewing audience, and at least give an appearance and illusion of knowing what he is talking about. Not to suggest that I am saying that about him at all. Can we stand 4 more years of his speaking style, not to mention his policies?

The first thing that even a good middle school speaker learns is to look audience members in the eye during a public speech. That includes the audience members in front of the speaker too.

The deficits in Barack Obama's speaking style would hardly earn him a "D" even in a high school speech class. You can't get even a "C" in a speech by taking a one syllable word and stretching it into a 4 or 5 second one syllable word space holder.

Other points off: The deadly "and" pronounced as "Annnnnnnnnnnnnndd" in his speeches. He uses this in the middle of sentences and between sentences to allow him stall for time to think of something "brilliant" to say.

Points off: The also dreaded "then". This is pronounced "Thhhheeeeeennnnnnnnn" by Obama.

Both of these words have speech "Other points off" because of his amateurish use of them as crutches to cover the fact that his mind has gone blank in mid thought and mid sentence. He simply uses these crutches to buy time for him to come up with another pre-programmed thought that he is struggling to find deep in the dank and dark recesses of his mind.

Let alone showing ineptitude in not being able to select appropriate gifts to give to the British Prime Minister from the people of the USA, to say that Obama cannot put words together and speak extemporaneously without a teleprompter is an understatement. It is actually a national embarrassment.
His poorly done off the cuff remarks st press conferences and his pingpong speech delivery style makes George Bush look like a college debating champion.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the boy is just too low bred to know any better

Robbins Mitchell